Caroline Slater (carofineart) was born in Cardiff, Wales.  Caro is a progressive and bold figurative artist with an editorial slant.  Her diverse range of portraits and organic forms are influenced by avant-garde imagery, music trends and cultural identity.

Caro completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fine Art at Nottingham University and went on to exhibit her paintings, work freelance as a magazine illustrator whilst taking private commissions.  She also worked alongside dancers, musicians and artists in Paris, Germany and the USA.  During her time in Paris she attended The Opera House Dance Studios and was able to plan an exhibition of very large canvas paintings and an eight foot marionette which were presented and displayed in the Lord Mayor’s country estate. 

Later whilst working as a teacher and Head of Art, she continued to produce her own private works and sell internationally.

Caro constantly draws inspiration from the great Florentine masters - Pietro Annigoni’s, Michelangelo’s and Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait drawing and painting techniqes and interpretations.  She is also enthused by the polish art decor artist, Tamara de Lempicka’s stylised paintings of artistocrats.

Her more recent oil and acrylic canvas paintings and drawings are created to evoke emotion through travelling abstracted linear designs on and around the face.  Her dynamic works of art create and expose Caro’s ambiences and responses to the world we live in.

“Caro’s work is really inventive and exciting.  The figures are really alive and the techniques suit the subject and communicate the atmosphere so well”.

“I appreciate the intense presence of your characters.  The fearless brush movement.  The outstanding oeuvre”